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Where does the $ go?

Lately, people have been asking “Where does my money go?”

The answer my friends, is to your GUIDE and people and services from the favela.

Your guide was born and raised in a favela and did not have the opportunities that “everyone” else had, thus, you’re helping financially support someone who otherwise would not be able to- without working hours and jobs you probably never would given the choice.

We also use the public service of the vans run by the favelas of Rocinha and Vidigal, the moto-taxis run by residents within the favela, and we encourage you to try the delicious, local food made and sold by residents, and buy local art sold by residents.  We live in a favela, so our funds are circulated  throughout the community, helping the small businesses that exist here too!

If that’s not good enough, and you don’t find us interesting nor want to experience what we have to offer, then please at least do your research before going with a big tourist company that says a “%” of their funds go to an orphanage that simply does not exist, or to some NGO that you’ve never heard of and don’t know anything about.  Try to find another company or group where the guides were born in a favela or at least live there.

Be a Conscious Traveler, Not a “Tourist”