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Top Universities in Brazil for International Students

Brazil is the biggest country in South America, with over 180 million population. Portuguese is the national language in this country. Let’s check why a lot of learners around the world consider Brazil the best country to get education overseas and explore the best colleges.

Three Reasons To Choose Brazil for Higher Education

There are a lot of reasons that drive learners to get higher education in Brazil. If you are looking for a great destination to acquire a bachelor's or master's degree, explore the top three reasons to acquire a degree in Brazil below.

Tuition and Living Cost

Brazil is quite an expensive country for tourists. Nevertheless, if you want to live and study in this country, you don't need to have an extensive budget. The cost of living in Brazil is 57% lower than in the United States.

Moreover, due to the decentralized learning system, there is a large range of different universities. Some educational institutions are free for foreign learners. Unfortunately, the acceptance rate in such universities is low due to a large number of applications that they receive. If you want to overcome all the competitors, and enter a college that offers free tuition, feel free to pay someone to do your homework to increase your GPA.

Business Possibilities

If you get higher education in this country, you can get a lot of helpful connections. You will also learn how to run a business in one of the most extensive markets in South America.


This country is rich in different regions, cultures, and religions. Choose Brazil as a country to acquire higher education if you want to broaden your outlook and meet a lot of new people.

Best Universities in Brazil

Do you want to get a higher education diploma in Brazil? Explore the best universities for foreign learners and pick the best one.

Universidade de São Paulo

This college locates the biggest financial center in Brazil, São Paulo. It is the #1 education institution in Brazil, and #128 in the global rank. Most students in Brazil choose this college to get a master's or Ph.D. degree.

USP offers disciplines in different majors in Portuguese and English. Therefore, if you’re not proficient in Portuguese, you can apply to this educational institution with no doubt. The main benefit of this university is that all the programs are free of charge for everyone.

State University of Campinas

It is a public research university that locates in São Paulo. The alternative name of this college is Unicamp. This educational institution offers its programs in Portuguese only. Therefore, if you want to enter this college, you need to learn Portuguese well. Hopefully, the college offers language classes for foreigners. Anyway, most international students get science homework help online to maintain a high college score in Portuguese.

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

This one is the most comprehensive college in Brazil. It locates in Rio de Janeiro and offers education in Portuguese only. Choose this university if you want to study Biosciences, Exact Sciences, and Humanities. In case you want to enter this college, you should be ready to pass high-competitive admission exams.

Tip for International Learners

Doubtless, it’s challenging to get a higher education diploma at one of the educational institutions from the list above as a foreigner. Therefore, don’t be shy to request some help and order essay online to get to improve your GPA while studying.