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About Us

Cariocafreeculture is an organization started by a local, Rodrigo, from here in Rio de Janeiro and his partner Mary Ellen from California. Our hope is to give you a unique, multicultural perspective of favela life here in Rio. With your support we have a chance to grow and provide work for other residents within the favelas.

absmiddle We currently live in the favela Vidigal which sits at the end of Ipanema and Leblon beach on the Dois Irmãos hillside.

We know that favela life has recently become a hub of interest for tourists and visitors and we would like to take part in sharing our perspectives of what it means to live here without objectifying the residents and the community.  A reminder-Favelas were not built as a tourist attraction but they warmly welcomes visitors!

Check out Our Services to see more about our one of a kind Português classes and Tours.

Also, take some time to read about Our Mission to better understand why we want to share our perspectives with you.

Mary Ellen and Rodrigo

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